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How to Become a Better Speaker

For more than ten years Mike has helped men and women who feel terrified and ineffective when speaking in front of a group. His friendly, compassionate and humorous approach has helped these people become confident and capable when leading meetings, sharing their ideas in group settings, and exchanging feedback with others.

Have people within your organization avoided opportunities that might require them to speak in public? Do you recognize people with great potential who let their own fear of public speaking keep them in a lesser role than they could fill?

Public speaking ranks high on most people's list of things to avoid. However, it is just another job skill that can be developed with proper training.

Mike will put his extensive experience to work training the people within your organization to improve their communication skills.

These workshops will open doors to greater communication and productivity. Mike will also touch on other forms of communications (e-mail, telephone) and show how these can become more effective tools, too.

Mike can coach you and the members of your organization to speaking success!

For more information please visit Mike's new training website: www.SpeakUpSpeakWell.com
April 2012
Unum Insurance Company awards Mike Harris the OPTIM Award for Talent!

According to their company website:

This award is presented to an individual who "Demonstrates a commitment to professional development through training and learning; focuses on development of individual strengths and candor skills; mentors and coaches others."