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Mike Harris has spent years collecting anecdotes and humorous stories drawn from his own personal experiences. Listening to him relate the trials and tribulations of growing up, you will laugh, smile, and even wipe away a sentimental tear as Mike shares the humor and heart found in everyday situations and mundane occurrences.

His stories include:

  • A touching look back at his daughter's high school graduation
  • A look forward and back on the occasion of his 50th birthday
  • The riotous road trip as he headed to the big city of Boston for a concert

Mike's stories are appropriate as:

  • A fund-raiser (45-90 minute programs are a great way to raise money for your church, community group, sports club or other organization)
  • An interlude between training sessions or meetings at your next conference (ten minutes or half an hour makes a refreshing break)
  • Entertainment at a family gathering or community festival

For more information contact Mike directly.
Phone: (207) 282-1741
E-mail: mphstoryteller@aol.com